Why Detachment is so important.

First learn the what and why... what is Detachment and why should you do it? With a proper understanding of the idea, you'll be better prepared to apply the actions which will bring you results.


One quick thing you can start doing NOW to jumpstart your detachment.

I'll go over one thing you can add to your daily schedule to help you start detaching. It should take 10 -20 minutes and it's not hard--it can even be fun!


Three Pre-requisites for Detachment.

Learn what you can do to empower you, to gain clarity and control over your life. Detachment is about you--focusing on you, making you a priority, your healing and your growth. You are important, learn how making your self care a priority is necessary for Detachment.


What it means to Purposefully Detach without becoming Disconnected.

Are you afraid that Detachment will mean you'll become numb to your emotions, you'll stop caring? That's a common fear. So let's talk about how to Detach with Purpose so that you can protect the Love you feel for your spouse.


  • You know you should detach. You want to detach. But you don't know how. I'm going to help take you from theory and intellectual understanding to action. 
  • You're taking your spouse's words and actions personally. Maybe you know that everything isn't really your fault, but your head hasn't yet got the message to your heart. All the mean words and betrayals are like stabs to your heart. Your emotions are being held hostage.
  • Your emotions are cycling with your spouse's actions and emotions. Everytime you start to feel better, your spouse says or does something and reels you back into the drama.
  • You're feeling stuck. You want your spouse back! You want to restore your marriage! None of this makes sense; it's like your living in a room of fun house mirrors--and they are not FUN! You're desire to have your spouse and marriage back has you paralyzed.

"Detachment is the most important tool in your healing toolbox."

I get it. I know what it is the have a husband in midlife crisis. I know what it is to have my marriage threatened by another woman--an alienator. I know the fear of losing my past, present and future. I know the risk it feels like you're taking when you begin to detach. You worry that you'll stop caring, that you'll decide to give up and let hatred and disgust take over so you can just end it. And you're afraid that your spouse will think you've stopped caring too. But I also know that the greater risk--to your Stand and to your personal healing--is not detaching. It's a lot more risky to stay stuck, stay scared, stay angry and hurt. Being a victim of someone else's actions is not going to help you survive and thrive!

Join me for just 60-90 minutes and let me introduce you to the power of detachment, how to apply it and what it can do for you. My promise to you is to make this training all about your needs. It doesn't matter if your Bomb Drop was last week, last year of several years ago. The time to start your journey toward healthy and Purposeful Detachment is now.

My goal for you? After this training I want you to know there is a way forward and that you don't have to go it alone. I want you to give yourself permission to put yourself first.